Foreign Affairs/Muskoka Tourism



In 2010 Canada hosted the world with the olympics and then the G8 and G20 Summits. In June all eyes were on the beautiful Muskoka and the metropolis of Toronto Ontario. Over 2500 accredited media from across the world settled in Toronto to report on the summits. To capture their attention, and provide them with information about Canada, Muskoka and Toronto TWG Communications was engaged to develop a simple yet intriguing website.


The website needed to be engaging and inspiring and incorporate stunning nation-wide photography to give it a unique Canadian look and feel with rotating images in the main header showcasing the essence of being Canadian and life in the true north strong and free. The site had to be completed in a short timeframe and, include in the mix, the site needed to be developed in French ( This one stop website also needed to link to rights-free b-roll, HD video, images and story starters for travel, business and industry resources.


A customized back-end Content Management System (CMS) platform was created for the site to offer the specific intricate requirements and functionalities required in order to meet client objectives.


The client and their summit partners were very pleased with the overall clean look and easy navigation of the site.   Coverage of the summits reached millions of viewers, readers and online subscribers daily and the site was deemed a help in the creation of many of the news items.