Ontario Ministry Of Transportation



The Ontario Ministry of Transportation is responsible for the construction and maintenance of a vast network of Provincial highways across the province.  The MTO is also responsible for the safety of the people using these highways.  Commercial transport traffic accounts for many of the vehicles using Ontario highways.  With safety in mind, the MTO constructed a Dragnet Truck Arrester facility on Thibeault Hill in North Bay and TWG Communications was contracted to produce a video to tell the story of the facility and of a full demonstration of it.


The new facility replaces an older arrester system and was designed to improve safety by giving transport drivers additional time to access the system.  TWG Communications was responsible for documenting a full demonstration of the system through the creation of an educational video documentary.   There would be the opportunity to conduct the demonstration only once so this project demanded a high degree of coordination with TWG facilitating the process.


TWG, working with a leading production company, and using a variety of camera equipment including 4 high speed phantom cameras, cineflex equipment on board a helicopter and still photography, captured the dynamic and exciting real time demonstration of a fully loaded tractor trailer using the dragnets.  At 63,000 kilos, the maximum allowable weight, the demonstration truck entered the nets at 90 KPH.  Footage of the demonstration, combined with interview footage, professional narration and still photography was brought together to create the final story.


The demonstration was a success.  The stunt driver walked away unhurt and convinced the system will save lives.  TWG gathered outstanding images and footage for use in creating the video and the client is ecstatic with the outcome.  The final product will be used to aid in educating drivers about the reliability and safety of the Dragnet facility.