Most parents can’t imagine losing a child, for those who suffer such a fate it is the worst sort of tragedy. When Patrick Fortin was stricken with AIDS at a young age due to HIV tainted blood transfusion, he faced his disease, along with his family, with strength, courage and dignity. Patrick’s wish was that there would be zero AIDS and used his story to educate and help others become aware of the disease. Channelling Patrick’s courage and determination into an education program has been his parents passion. TWG is proud to have been called upon to work with the Patrick4Life team on the creation of new campaign materials.


Patrick4Life has grown from a local initiative into a national movement with educators and students taking ownership for spreading campaign messaging. The development of materials by the TWG team needed to be sensitive of the history of the organization. The TWG team needed to create a look and feel for materials that would be uplifting, contemporary, dynamic and engaging. All this while ensuring the educational approach was not lost.


Several meetings with committee volunteers led to the creation of concepts for consideration. Patrick4Life partners were instructed to provide feedback and direction for moving forward. The final look and feel drew from a variety of sources not the least of which was the vision articulated by Patrick’s mother.


Being involved with a worthy cause and knowing we are making a difference is important. Is the client pleased? When a client thanks us with a hug, and tears of joy, we call our efforts a success.