Collège Boréal



Standing out amongst the competition is always a challenge. However taking a risk to be unconventional is intriguing.

Located in the Northern Ontario city of Sudbury, Collège Boréal, a Francophone college with satellite campuses across the province, needed to increase interest from 18-23 year old potential applicants/students seeking a French language post secondary educational experience.

Attracting a demographic that has embraced the iPod, the Wii, lap top computers and WiFi and is driven by conservation themes was definitely a task in itself considering the heavily saturated nature of the post secondary market.


Post secondary institutions have tended to be conservative with marketing tactics by showcasing programs offered and highlighting students as primary campaign characters. The client specifically and clearly articulated a vision that their TV spot would stand out from other institutional ads, be different, unique, and phat.

The main character of the Collège Boréal spot is a Smart Car. The character was essentially brought to life playing the role as the student. The Smart Car size allowed the Collège Boréal campus to serve as the filming location. The “cuteness” of the car aided by a full body wrap created a clever personality for this automobile.


After touring the Collège Boréal campus, it was evident the spot should highlight the modern architecture, spacious campus learning environments, and small class sizes. The Smart Car moved freely throughout the campus, participating in daily student life at sporting events, in classes and even taking a casual outdoor stroll with an attractive female student.


The launch of the TV spot has been a tremendous hit. Since airing, Collège Boréal has fielded numerous calls and requests from prospective students. Collège Boréal will build upon the Smart Car‘s TV spot success by giving it away in a draw to a student attending in the 2009-2010 academic school year.

Now that’s smart.


SILVER - 2009