Creating a visual identity that works


The origins of branding

The term “brand” comes from the 1000 year old Norse word brandr which means “to burn”. It references a practice of marking livestock so their ownership could quickly and easily be identified. It’s use has shifted meaning over the millennia, from herds, to artisan works, factory products, to the business promises we make today!

Consumers identify with brands, they elicit emotional responses, and we connect with them in a variety of ways. Brands evoke passionate connections, fond memories, good times, quality, value, the perception of success, and so on.  

Strong brands have commercial equity, high consumer recognition and they produce brand loyalty in the market.

No brand is a replacement for bad products, bad service, or bad customer experiences, but, a well managed, professionally developed and tested brand with strong market support can overcome adversity and emerge stronger.

Create a visual identity that works

There’s lots to consider when developing visual elements for your brand. Colour, texture, graphics, and text must all be considered through the prism of knowing your organization, knowing your competition, and knowing what you do and who you serve.  Your brand, simply put, is how you want to be seen in the market.

There was a time when your brand was a sign hanging outside your business, was seen on billboards or in newspaper ads, could be found in the yellow pages, and if you could afford it, was seen on television.

Today, your brand exists in an online world of global commerce. Competition is down the street, around the corner and across the planet. Brands have to be suitable for multiple platforms and for use with a wide variety of media. Today, brands must stand out in a world of constant competition and may have to take into account geographic, cultural, religious and linguistic considerations.  Having the right brand has never been more important.

So what’s in a brand? Pretty much everything actually, including the keys to your success.

A good brand elicits an emotional response, evoking passionate connections, fond memories, good times, quality, and value. In our latest blog we discuss how to create a visual identity that works.

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