Humber College



Annual reports can be tired documents designed to deliver necessary content and data in an efficient but uninspiring way. Humber College wanted to create an annual report that was both stimulating and visually engaging. TWG was tasked to design a document that would be a source of pride for the College while providing stakeholders with a document they would want to read.


Whether for private sector or public sector entities, annual reports present a benchmark for keeping shareholders, employees and the public up-to-date in regard to the year that was. They also provide an opportunity for year over year review. TWG was tasked with developing a unique and memorable annual report in keeping with Humber’s brand guidelines and to present the information in an informative and engaging fashion.


TWG design team combined the requisite ingredients of an annual report with numerous vibrant visuals to give the report personality and to hold audience attention. We presented all the facts and figures in a clear and concise format to ensure the details were available without being dated or exhausting. The final product also needed to be available in print and for online use.


The Humber College annual report was reported to be extremely well received.