Competing for audience attention in a digitally driven communication world can be a real challenge. The volume of content received on a daily basis is a never ending continuum and runs across multiple platforms from traditional media to social media to online properties. Deciphering all those never ending messages requires the skill of a surgeon to precisely cut content, the artistic acumen of a sculptor to mold and shape data and technical savvy to reach target markets with pinpoint accuracy.

Infographics offer clients the opportunity to synthesize content through the clever use of graphics and text in a format that is flexible for use in a variety of mediums, is not constrained by form, and can speak to your audience clearly and concisely.

Infographics transform content into usable data points laid out in a carefully crafted path so viewers will not only see the narrative unfold but will be able to follow the information flow easily and intuitively.


The Brain Identifies Images in Milliseconds… It’s true, our brains are wired to quickly identify images in as little as 13 milliseconds and process that material 60,000 times faster than text.


Infographics are 30 Times More Likely to Be Viewed… Engaging the viewer’s brain with eye-catching images is 30 times more likely than text alone to hold their attention. This leads to more shares, more click-throughs and more direct engagement with your audience.


Infographics Have 80% Higher Recall Rates… Studies show recall rates improve when relevant graphics and text are combined to present content. This is called ‘The Picture Superiority Effect’. The result of this is audience recall rates go from 10% to as much as 80%.

Infographics provide a content delivery vehicle designed for specific requirements. Whether telling the story of your brand, delivering annual reports or translating complex and often lengthy, text heavy content, an infographic will capture target audience attention and increase viewership and content retention rates.

Educate, Entertain and Inform… with infographics. Eye-catching graphics and relevant text increase message retention rates. Our latest blog tells you how. Your audience will thank you and you, will thank us.

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