North Bay Hydro



In Ontario today the supply and demand for electric power has reached a critical point. Increasing demand outpaces supply generation. The challenge was to develop a creative local conservation campaign for North Bay Hydro dovetailing with yet stand apart from Provincial initiatives.


First and foremost a vibrant and engaging signature look was developed. TWG challenged itself to create a look and feel that would move North Bay Hydro away from its dated institutional appearance. Three projects were devised; a residential consumer awareness initiative; “The Great North Bay Hydro Light Bulb Exchange” for area youth involvement; and a special “North Bay Hydro Breakfast Meeting” to introduce the implementation of Smart Meters to business leaders.


The residential consumer initiative was rolled out using a consumer trade show and local electronic, print and transportation media focusing on moving consumer traffic to the website TWG developed specifically for this campaign. The youth initiative involved grade six students city wide collecting incandescent light bulbs from family, friends and neighbours and encouraging participants to exchange incandescent bulbs for low wattage compact fluorescent alternatives. Members of the city business community were invited to a free breakfast meeting where energy related key note speakers provided important information regarding the smart meter initiative.


The community campaign is an ongoing initiative aimed at conservation education. The youth project was a huge success with six schools participating and more than 2000 incandescent bulbs collected. With almost two hundred business leaders attending the breakfast the meeting was deemed a tremendous success.