TWG is committed to putting "Clients First", through the development of integrated marketing and communications. From corporate brand buildng in advertising, in print or interactive new media, TWG provides clients access to an impressive level of expertise, practices, and solutions. We help clients gain mindshare in today's competitive marketplace.


In today's saturated marketplace TWG stands out by providing clients with "one brand, one position, one message." We make your advertising budget seem bigger by providing top of field strategic thinking and developing leading edge creative.

Whether you need of creative writing and design for collateral, or strategic planning and market research, or media planning, you will be more than pleased with what TWG can offer.


We are all bombarded with thousands of messages daily from brands competing for attention and business.

How do you make brand stand out?

From initial research and discovery, to focus group testing, to design stages and execution, to the eventual launch, TWG has a proven method for creating and sustaining successful brands.

Our corporate branding success stories include delivering award-winning work for corporate entities, national forums, provincial tourism initiatives, municipalities, hospitals, community colleges, galas and more.


Today's average consumer is a technically savvy one, and will go directly to your website to learn about you. It is a key source for information gathering and an invaluable portal to your organization.

Our talented, imaginative technically clever staff create fresh and functional web applications and multimedia. Our work has a reputation of producing reliable results and our smart, eye-catching designs will ensure the click stream is going in your direction.


Many organizations realize the full potential of event marketing. However these events need to be carefully choreographed to be effective.

The right theme, a professionally planned set design, high-impact multimedia presentations and outstanding print collateral are some of the details that can make your event impressive and captivating.

TWG has produced and managed a series of successful and memorable events including media launches and award galas.

TWG will ensure your event makes a lasting impression.