Sell Products and Services with Infographics


Infographics are great at getting you noticed by conveying content in easy to understand ways with images, graphics and text. We recommend infographics as a practical way to sell your products and services through clear, concise, effective communications.

4 suggestions to effectively use infographics to help sell a product or service.


Compare and contrast.

Show your audience how your product or service stacks up against the competition by clearly articulating why you are the right choice. Them vs Us allows clients to see and evaluate options. You can also use this kind of chart to compare your own products or services to help customers select the right option for their needs.

Breakdown what you have to offer.

Showcase intricate aspects of what’s going on “under the hood”. Highlighting features and benefits builds customer confidence especially when you demonstrate how much effort and consideration has gone into developing your products and services.


Let customers in on the secret.

Build customer trust by showing them how it's made. Let customers in on your process by spotlighting key milestones in the design and development of your products. Understand where your product comes from will make customers feel good about purchasing from you. 

Location, location, location.

Potential customers will appreciate knowing how to find you. Create custom maps that bring clients right to your door, or give them info about shipping or delivery regions and options. 


Professionally designed infographics are great, but you have to share them to get noticed. Publish infographics as social media posts, on your website, print them on flyers and promotional material, and send them as part of your regular e-newsletters.

Infographics are so flexible they can be used just about anywhere!

Need help creating professional, effective infographics?

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