Harris Learning Library



The newly built Harris Learning Library on the co-located campuses of Nipissing University and Canadore College was made possible in part through substantial gifting from generous donors. With this in mind, Nipissing and Canadore wished to recognize donors in a public and lasting way. Areas within the library were sponsored by donors which required appropriate signage and recognition, included in the project was a central donor recognition wall for all donor names, and finally exterior entrance building signage.


Donor levels not withstanding, the committee responsible was determined to ensure appropriate recognition was extended to all donors. TWG Communications creative team was tasked with coming up with a versatile and unique approach to identifying the various individuals who so generously gave. The style, design and fabrication of this donor wall recognition would need to be respectful and fluent to the stunning architecture of the building.


Several client/agency meetings and site inspections were undertaken before a signage system was recommended for use in individual areas. The recognition wall underwent additional considerations and the project was moved from its original plan of a traditional standard donor wall, in favour of a more ambitious donor monument proposed by the agency.


All signage designed, produced and installed was warmly welcomed by donors and patrons alike as a very fitting way to recognized the gifts of individuals. The real star of the show is the recognition monument designed and created to look like a stylized tree. The monument rises through the central foyer of the Library and stands as an impressive structure.