Kijiji Canada



As Canada’s premier online, free classified site, Kijiji is an industry leading resource for people buying and selling all sorts of goods and services. Kijiji is a fun and easy website to use and has facilitated millions of transactions. As an added service to users of their site, Kijiji recently decided to post professionally designed infographics covering a variety of topics.


Infographics take large amounts of complex content and compress it into an easily managed format utilizing graphic elements, text, statistics and interesting facts. The content is packaged in a meaningful way so as to maintain viewer interest. Kijiji wished to spotlight interesting facts about the Canadian video gaming industry, one of the world’s largest.


TWG’s creative team developed a highly effective, easy to follow infographic incorporating numerous visuals representing current available data. Content covers interesting facts from who is a gamer to who works in gaming to what constitutes the most popular games on the Kijiji site.

The layout consolidates the presentation of important facts in such a way that viewers can grasp information without the need for copious amounts of background or backup documentation. The final product was provided in digital form for Kijiji’s use on the the website.


The final version was created on time and on budget and Kijiji was thrilled with the clean look and feel. The Video Gaming Industry In Canada infographic is now available on all Kijiji online properties.